Why This Project

The Earth is suffering. Massive habitat destruction, resource extraction, pollution, rapid species extinction, mass animal slaughter, climate change, and deep inequalities and violence in human society put great pressure on the Earth and all living beings. These trends have accelerated within the last 150 years to an unbearably high level.

As Hindus, our understanding of Dharma includes the values of honoring and revering all life as God – as the same Divine Source, the same Isvara, the same Prakriti. Living as Hindus calls us to nurture and protect life in every way possible. We are also asked by Dharma to protect the vulnerable: children, women, old men, cows, and brahmins. (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.14.41)

Living a dharmic life in today’s world means becoming role models for ecologically sustainable living. Through putting resource conservation methods into practice; rediscovering how to live in reverence to the Earth and all living beings; and pursuing the inner path of spiritual growth, Hindus can guide the world from the current crisis of violence and destruction to a more harmonious existence.

This website exists to provide resources to Hindus on this path; to share dharmic ecological values with the public; and to celebrate Hindu communities who have made earth-honoring commitments.

Who We Are

734934_10152384006415048_580529704_nThe founder of this website is Allegra Lovejoy, a young Hindu environmental activist. While completing her undergraduate degree at Princeton University in International Affairs and Public Policy, she was affected by the firsthand accounts she heard during research trips throughout South Asia of environmental crisis and loss of rural livelihoods. After graduating, Allegra began working in the food justice movement and land preservation movement in the US and helped found an urban farm in Trenton, NJ. She is also a member of the executive board of Hindu Students Council.

Support the Movement

This project is entirely volunteer-run supported by out-of-pocket costs. Donating to the Earth-Friendly Temple helps cover our operating costs and can help us expand this project beyond a simple website.

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