Gayatri Chetna Center, New Jersey, USA

Environmental Restoration

Bhumi Puja, Bhumi Seva

Gayatri Chetna Center is a mandir in the Gayatri Pariwar association. Known for its community orientation and balavihar program, Gayatri Chetna Center holds frequent lectures, classes, musical performances, and yagyas. The philosophy of Gayatri Pariwar holds yagya in great importance for purification and transformation of the individual and the environment. Yagya includes the traditional havan as well as arati, mantra (especially gayatri mantra) and seva. Gayatri Pariwar holds as their vision the transformation of the entire world from the present age of chaos into a new satya-yuga.

Globally, Gayatri Pariwar has committed to several major initiatives, including environmental protection – most notably Nirmal Ganga Jan Abhiyaan and tree planting initiatives covering hundreds of acres. Community members from around the world contribute to these efforts with their time, labor, and donations. These initiatives will be described more in a later post.

Locally, Gayatri Chetna center not only supports efforts for environmental protection in India, but hosts their own small community efforts locally. Each year, the Balavihar teachers and students come up with a seva focus for the year. In 2013, the students and families planted trees in a local county park that had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The students dedicated themselves to returning to care for and raise the trees. In 2016, they raised a vegetable garden on temple grounds.

The teachings and practices of this transformational path bring about a spirit of humility, reverence, and seva that extends to one’s community, all people, and to nature. Balavihar leaders help pass on these values to the next generation through both words and deeds.