Sanatan Dharma, the eternal dharma enshrined in Hinduism, is a set of teachings and a way of life that is deeply Earth-honoring. In a Dharmic understanding, all life is a sacred manifestation of the same Divine Source. The Earth, as Prakriti, is Bhumi Mata, the sustainer of life. Traditional Hindu culture, like most indigenous cultures, lived out this ecological lifestyle. The aim of this website, “The Earth Friendly Temple,” is to promote dharmic ecology through sharing dharmic values and celebrating Hindu temples and communities that have made commitments to honor our Earth.


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Govardhan Eco Village, Maharashtra, India

Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) was established 12 years ago by His Holiness Radhanath Swami as a rural farm community offering spiritual education, rural development, Ayurvedic healing, environmental-sustainability R&D, and a sattvik (peaceful and spiritual) guest experience. Govardhan Eco Village is rooted in the Krishna Bhakti tradition and is a sister community to the prominent ISKCON … Continue reading Govardhan Eco Village, Maharashtra, India

Gayatri Chetna Center, New Jersey, USA

Environmental Restoration Bhumi Puja, Bhumi Seva Gayatri Chetna Center is a mandir in the Gayatri Pariwar association. Known for its community orientation and balavihar program, Gayatri Chetna Center holds frequent lectures, classes, musical performances, and yagyas. The philosophy of Gayatri Pariwar holds yagya in great importance for purification and transformation of the individual and the … Continue reading Gayatri Chetna Center, New Jersey, USA

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